Source is running a seven week course called ‘Listening to the Spirit of Jesus’. This course covers the following topics:

  • A variety of methods for connecting to the Spirit of Jesus including types of meditation and spiritual exercises
  • How to receive wisdom, guidance, healing and miracles from the Spirit of Jesus
  • Understanding of the spiritual realm and how to access it
  • Spiritual tools for vision and dream interpretation

There is time allocated to practice what you learn and answer any questions you may have. This course will run from Tuesday 21st September, 7.30 – 9.30 at the old Burgh Halls, 35 Inchlee St, Whiteinch, G14 9QG. There is ample parking and it is extremely close to bus links on Dumbarton Road.

To book a place, please email Heather@sourcelife.net Hope to see you there!

This meditation was produced by Source, a spiritual community focused on meditation,
spiritual exercises, creativity, journalling, soaking music and fellowship as ways of exploring our spiritual development.
We also offer dream interpretation, healing, spiritual readings and art, and hand massage, and often attend fairs or other venues with our stall, which is free to attend.
We also run courses and workshops in spiritual development, these are advertised on the website.
For more information, please email heather@sourcelife.net

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  1. Alan Gibson says:

    Great job heather go for it big style………….flow…Alan

  2. Alan Gibson says:

    Creative idea photos of sessions Art, peoms, peoples comments, ie what people say about source encouragement for those checking out website………………Alan

  3. paul thomson says:

    hi Heather – could you email me- ive lost your email address and I’ve got some news re: seedbed – cheers – paul t

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