October Updates!

Our next Spiritual Fair will be on Thursday 6th November from 7.30 – 9.30pm in the Whiteinch Centre Cafe, pathopsychology
offering the usual range of free appointments. These can last from 10-20 mins and will bless your body, soul and spirit with love and peace an encouragement! Here are some photos from earlier fairs this year:

We had the capacity to fill the main hall with stalls in July.

Spiritual art – the artist asks for a picture to encourage the guest in their journey, and they then draw or paint what they have received. The artist also gives some interpretation for the different images and colours, and gives the picture as a gift. Each piece is unique to the guest, and it is a very popular stall!

In July, we hosted a CAP stall, a debt counselling service, to bless anyone who was struggling financially with practical help. This is a great expression of how Source wants to help enhance the whole person in all their facets, and to bring peace and freedom to those who worry. If you would like to contact CAP, use this link: https://capuk.org/

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